Feature: Jake Davis and Adrianne Ho

With the launch our site, we bring you one of the ongoing features; a quick Q&A with friends, acquaintances and I suppose the occasional stranger who catches our attention. Introducing Jake Davis and Adrianne Ho, dear friends and leaders in the world of social media, fitness and fashion.  In truth, the really don't need an intro, Jake has secretly been shaping the way we view things in the world of social media before it was even a thing.  You wouldn't know it though because he's kept one of the lowest profiles of anyone I've ever known.  
Adrianne has quickly become one of the most important faces on social for her perfect mix of fitness and personal style - traveling the world and spreading the word about eating healthy and training in every city she visits. There is no workout she won't try.  Sweat the Style has grown from an instagram account to an apparel fitness line, and  most recently, a television show called Sweat the City.  All the while retaining their authenticity.. because these two are the real thing.
We're proud to call them our friends, and considering the specific nature of their choices, even prouder they wear our sneakers.  That's not an easy task with the discerning taste of these two.

Q: When free time presents itself, what is your first go to activity?
A: We love playing tennis together.                                            
Q: Whats your favorite record from your number one category of music?
A: Ambient music is always on through out our home on Sonos. The Pearl by Brian Eno & Harold Budd is amazing.
Q: Whats your favorite destination?
A: Paris, Tokyo & NYC. Adrianne loves traveling to China as well.
Q: Do you still read books?  If so, whats the last book you read or whats your favorite book?  Dont be afraid to say you don't read books.
A: String Theory By David Foster Wallace
Q: Do you know how to swim?
A: Yes... not well. There's an episode of Sweat The City coming out, which I executive produce and Adrianne hosts, where she learns how to swim with an Olympic swimmer.. Adrianne might be worse than me. Hahaha.