Fire Island Ferry Schedules

It's generally known and accepted that New York is the greatest or at least one of the greatest cities in the world, but perhaps lesser known, is the fact that NYC is surrounded by incredible beaches.  The New Jersey Shore has been made famous for perhaps the worst it has to offer but in truth, there are some spectacular beaches and incredible towns along the stretch of Jersey coast.  Of course the Hamptons is world famous for its incredible light, which first brought artists to the east end but is now the playground of the incredibly wealthy.  But I'd like to mention the often overlooked stretch of beach known as Fire Island.
This is where I spent the bulk of my youth.  Beaches like Kismet, Atlantique and Ocean Beach.  There are many towns and communities to choose from if inclined to visit the island.  Most people don't realize you can get to any of these beaches entirely through public transit.  Take the LIRR to Bayshore or Sayville train stations.  From there, a quick taxi or van ride will have you to the boats.  We've listed the Fire Island ferry schedules here to make it slightly easier.  Do a bit of homework and pick your spot and have a great day at the beach.