Rope Bracelets

I don't wear jewelry. I can't explain why.. I just don't feel Rock and Roll enough or something. I will wear a rope bracelet and have been wearing one for years.  Ive always opted for the 3 strand version from Nantucket Knotworks.
As far back as I can remember it was something that seperated coastal people from the rest.  I can remember when I was a kid that the tan line underneath felt like a badge of honor.  It indicated how much time you spent outdoors; in the water and at the beach.  Some years the tan line remained into December.  The sense of loss when it finally faded was very real for me.  It is still the only jewelry(if you can call it that) I wear besides my wedding ring.  
I have a daughter now and Im looking forward to the day when she is big enough to wear one and Ill be able to judge my success as a father by the the tan line on her wrist.
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